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Life insurance as an instrument of financial stability

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This Thursday we'll have special guest, Olexij Verkhovynski, Master in Finance, Financial Advisor at Starlife - Insurance Broker # 1 in Ukraine. In 2013, he was a financial analyst in a trader company Teletrade Dj. He gave the medium-term forecasts of changes in the exchange rate. He carried out operations on own and investor's funds of the company's clients. Co-author of the course ''Own business on Amazon'', in which in 2016 there were over 1000 participants. We will talk about: How it works and what tasks are solved by life insurance. Guarantees, advantages and disadvantages in comparison with other financial instruments. How to stay at the same financial level without working. Where to get funds for high-quality medical care in Ukraine. How to choose a reliable insurance company. Career Opportunities in the Insurance Business.


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11 лип 2019, 16:30


Інформаційно-ресурсний центр "Вікно в Америку"вул. Незалежності, 46